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Kit Carson County is located on the I-70 corridor in East Central Colorado at the Kansas border. Encompassing 2161 square miles, Kit Carson County is among the State's top livestock, wheat and corn producing counties. Founded in 1889, its county seat is located in Burlington Colorado at the Kit Carson County Courthouse.

Home to over 8,000 residents, Kit Carson County's six primary communities offer a wide range of social and recreational opportunities including the historic Kit Carson County Carousel and Museum, Old Town, three golf courses, three public swimming pools, a number of well equipped community playgrounds and parks and the annual County Fair and PRCA Rodeo.

Kit Carson County Marijuana Ordinance for county owned property

Kit Carson County Marijuana Cultivation Ordinance



TORNADO SIREN TEST on April 11. For more information click here.
FIRE BAN - Due to the very dry conditions in Kit Carson County a modified Fire ban must be put into place to protect the citizens of Kit Carson County. 

1. As of 09-27-2012 there must be at least 80% (or within 5%) humidity and the wind speed shall be less then 10mph (or within 3 mph) to have a controlled burn or open fire in Kit Carson County.

 2. Controlled burn / Open Fires shall be defined as any outdoor burning of any size.

 Exception: Attended outdoor fires where the fuel being burned is contained in an incinerator, outdoor fireplace, barbeque grill, barbeque pit, or permanent fire pit or grate located on developed picnic grounds, campgrounds or private property, with adequate fire suppression equipment present, and a total fuel area not in excess of 3 feet (914 mm) in diameter and 2 feet (610mm) in height.

 3. If a citizen wants to have a controlled burn / Open Fire they must first notify Kit Carson County Dispatch at 719-346-9325. Kit Carson County dispatch will then check the wind speed and the humidity. If the wind speed and humidity is not 80% and the wind is above 10 mph dispatch will tell the person that wants to do the controlled burn that they can not burn due to the conditions. If a controlled burn is denied due to the conditions dispatch will notify the deputy that is on duty that they denied a controlled burn.

 If the humidity is at least 80% and the wind speed is below 10 mph dispatch will tell the person that is having the controlled burn that it is okay to burn and notify the fire chief in that district along with notifying the deputy that is on duty.  

 4. Any Controlled Burn / Open Fire that is being requested inside a city or town limits must be approved by the fire chief in that district.

 5. All requests for a Controlled Burn / Open Fire shall go through the Kit Carson County Sheriff’s Office for approval. 

Kit Carson County Sheriff

Tom Ridnour

Register your home phone and/or mobile phone to receive notifications in an emergency. CodeRED Community Notification Enrollment.
Request for information Procedures (Colorado Open Records Act) For more information, contact the public information officer.
Kit Carson Fairgrounds is in the East Central Colorado Enterprise Zone! What is an Enterprise Zone?

It is a state disgnated area in need of economic growth and diversification that provides state income tax credits to investors. For more information, click here.

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